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Salesforce Integration Bootcamp for Beginners

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Bootcamp 1st Session - 13th May 11:00 am IST

Instructor: Aniket KohaleLanguage: English

About the Course

Attending a Salesforce integration bootcamp for beginners can provide you with valuable knowledge and skills. Learning from Aniket, who will teach you from scratch in easy-to-follow live classes, can be a beneficial experience. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Course Structure: The bootcamp will likely consist of around 10-15 classes, which will cover various aspects of Salesforce integration. Each class may focus on specific topics or concepts, building upon the knowledge gained in previous sessions.

2. Beginner-Friendly: Since this is a bootcamp for beginners, you can expect the content to be tailored to those who are new to Salesforce integration. The classes should start with foundational concepts and gradually progress to more advanced topics.

3. Live Classes: Live classes offer an interactive learning experience, allowing you to ask questions and receive immediate feedback. It's a great opportunity to clarify any doubts and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

4. Hands-on Approach: Practical exercises and demonstrations can greatly enhance your learning experience. Look for a bootcamp that offers hands-on activities, such as guided projects or real-world examples, to reinforce your understanding of Salesforce integration.

5. Course Materials: Check if the bootcamp provides additional learning resources such as slides, documentation, or code samples. These materials can be valuable references that you can review after the classes or use for practice purposes.

6. Support and Community: Find out if the bootcamp offers any support channels or online communities where you can interact with the instructor or fellow learners. Being part of a community can provide additional guidance, collaboration opportunities, and a network of peers who share similar interests.

7. Post-bootcamp Opportunities: It's worth exploring if there are any follow-up resources or advanced courses available for further skill development. Integration with Salesforce is a broad topic, and it's beneficial to continue learning and expanding your knowledge beyond the bootcamp.

Remember to do your research and assess the bootcamp's reviews, reputation, and the instructor's credentials to ensure a quality learning experience. Good luck with your Salesforce integration bootcamp journey!

Syllabus of the Bootcamp 👇

Aniket Kohale

He is a Lead Technical Consultant at Perficient, Nagpur.
He has over 8+ years of IT industry experience working as a Lead Consultant and is responsible for providing business requirements solutions for scalable enterprise business applications using Salesforce. He is a 5x Salesforce certified Professional. Aniket Kohale, Founder of "". Feel the need of a common platform to transform information into a prime knowledge base among the community of technology professional which will help individuals to create an impact in their professional career. This also aims to build communication and collaboration among the community for easy transfer of knowledge which fulfills the information-sharing gap. This is the initiative to build a knowledge forum which will help individuals to share and learn from experts.


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